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March 10, 2011 by Tim Samson in Community

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We love our city and Morey’s Piers’ staff are not only willing to help out on the piers, but we love to serve our community as well. Today, Mike Wampler, Ken Clements, Anthony Canzano, Sarah Clements, Nancy Burrows and Kayla Long took some time out of their busy schedule preparing for Opening Day to participate in the United Way Hot Lunch Program.

Locals in need began arriving this morning at 11am for hot coffee and beverages, while our staff busily prepared salads, pasta and dessert. By 11:30am, Morey’s staff was happily serving everyone in attendance a hot and nutritious meal.

Our staff served lunch, cleaned up all the trash and, afterwards, helped distribute clothing donated by the community for the needy.  The United Way Hot Lunch program serves between 50 to 80 men, women and children a nutritious hot meal every week on Thursdays.

If you’re doing a little spring cleaning soon, consider donating old clothes or those that no longer fit to your local United Way.


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