Pier-Shaking Shows at [artBOX]

Pier-Shaking Shows at [artBOX]

Just when you thought Morey’s Piers couldn’t think outside the [artBOX] any further, we decided to crank up our creativity…literally. For the first time EVER, Morey’s Piers and School of Rock will be hosting a Battle of the Bands competition to see who will be crowned “The King of The Boards!” But this is by no means your typical competition...do we ever follow the norm? This is a battle of a young, talented generation of rock stars! 

The beat doesn’t stop there.  All summer long the School of Rock has been bringing young musicians, ages 7-18, to play pier-shaking shows.   Watching this young talent is so refreshing to see.  For some of these kids and young adults it’s a performance of a lifetime, for others it’s just a taste of what’s in store for their musical career.

Last night I decided to take a stroll along the boardwalk to check out the happenings. I couldn’t help being drawn to the energetic sound emerging from Adventure Pier. And there, across from [artBOX], stood three talented girls singing their hearts out in front of an audience.  I kept watching the crowd grow larger and larger and it started to excite me!  Why?  Because the goal of [artBOX] all along was to create this great space where visual and musical arts could come together in a feel good and fun atmosphere.  These two arts would go hand in hand and live harmoniously on Adventure Pier and in that moment I was witnessing just what Jack Morey had set out to do.

So what did I do next?  I feverishly ran around standing on bleachers and making my way to the front of the crowd to snap photos of this wonderful moment to share with Jack Morey and my fellow co-workers.  So, if you happened to be at [artBOX] last night then my apologies for the excessive iPhone photos being taken. For anyone else that wasn’t, I am happy to share what I witnessed and hope that you are able to visit [artBOX] and witness this for yourself, it ROCKED!







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