Rain, rain go away so we can go out to ride and play.

July 12, 2013 by Maggie Warner in

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"Another day of rain!"

"It's raining again!"

"Why does mother nature have it in for us?"

"If I feel another rain drop I'm going to scream!"

These are just some of the phrases being utterd around here these days.  Unless you are taking a vacation to the Amazon Rain Forest, all this rain is really putting a damper on things.  You can only sit around and stare at the rain for so long until you have to do something about it!  That right, this is a call to action people!  We've had enough of Mother Nature and her rain drops and it's time to let her know. So to every business in Wildwood, to every vacationer, beachgoer and 5AM beach raker...get you rain dance on and let's chase away this rain! 



Ok... so really our power went out in the buliding around 3PM and we needed something to keep us occupied. Enjoy!


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