REused - REcycled - REpurposed

REused - REcycled - REpurposed

Adventure Pier has become the place where used rides and attractions go to relive their past and be reincarnated into fabulous works of art. In his latest project, Jack Morey is combining functionality and art, transforming the old Sky Ride seats into one of a kind benches for guests to rest their weary feet.  

Our super talented and resident artBOX artists David Macomber, Pete Bielings Sr. and Pete Bielings Jr. created the designs for all twenty benches.  Using old scrap metal the designs are transformed into unique and quirky works of art. Mitchell Iron Works, out of Cape May Court House, NJ, is aiding the creative team with the welding and specialty bending of the steel. 

Some designs you will come across include: kites, bicycles, Kong, T-Rex, beach balls and sea gulls.  These are not your typical benches and we dare you to sit on each and every one, you’ll be amazed at what happens when art and your toosh collide!





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