Roll up! Roll up!

September 16, 2011 by Tim Samson in

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Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears! I can’t guarantee I’ll return them, but I will spin you a tale that’ll send you into a tailspin.

Felix here, the boardwalk barker, and if you’re looking for Morey’s signature smiles you’re barking mad. Once, I was the most persistent set of pipes on old Steel Pier. That was back in its heyday before I was crying out, “May Day! May Day!“ Take a lesson from me, folks, and keep your hands to yourself and especially out of the pockets of casino tycoons or you’re likely to end up in concrete shoes. Lucky for me, all that salt water kept me preserved and pretty. Just look at this face!

I may be washed out, but not washed up! I’ll be your horrifying Halloween host for 6 nights of nightmares on the boards. Hold onto your heads, folks! Morey’s FEARS brings horror to the shore like never before! You’ll fear the pier, screech on the beach, lose it on the amusements and there’s more where that came from…

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