Sounds Military, right? Well, in the amusement park world, it actually stands for Ride Operator Trainer Certification.

ROTC is a multi day training the trainer course put together by our friends at When Pigs Fly – Creative Operational Concepts. While this program has been in use at a number of parks for a few years, 2011 marks the start of a multi day school open to our entire industry. Founders and consultants Patty Beazley and Cindee Huddy, as well as their newest team member, Darlene Reese-Sittig, are industry veterans with over 80 years of cumulative experience. They successfully put together a comprehensive program that aims to enhance the standard by which our industry operates. The school was held in Las Vegas during the week of March 7, and it was a outstanding experience for all. Morey’s Piers was well represented at the school, with three members of our management team in attendance.

I had an opportunity to share my industry knowledge and experience by serving on faculty for this year’s school and I had a blast! It was an amazing experience to help kick off what will become an industry standard, benefitting parks and guests around the world. The creativity of the facilitators, comprehensive learning materials, and engaging sessions made for a week of learning that can’t be matched. Students participated in numerous sessions (many of which were hands-on at the New York, New York coaster) over three full days that honed their skills in all the most important areas of ride operations training.

Everyone walked away with new friends, new ideas, and greater enthusiasm for the work ahead as we begin the task of training our employees to safely serve the most important people in our industry: our Guests!


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