Sand Between Our Toes Even In November!

November 24, 2008 by Tim Samson in

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It’s a typical Tuesday afternoon in November at the Morey’s Piers office. The sun is reflecting brightly across the blue Atlantic Ocean. The icy chill of winter gently taps at the office windows and the silence echoes off the Giant Wheel as its cars sway playfully back and forth.

However, there is an excitement in the air today, as The Morey Organization gathers to celebrate its birth nearly forty years ago. Over 100 full-time employees gather to march barefoot down the mile-wide stretch of snow white sand for a commemorative photograph of the Morey team as they are standing in the Ocean. Picture this: a group of 100 plus individuals of all ages, standing ankle deep in bitter cold ocean water, dressed in blue jeans and navy blue windbreakers, prancing about in a display of amusing frenzy. This event (despite the icy coldness of 30 degree saltwater), was quite memorable and served to remind us that we will always have sand between our toes!

Look for this photo in this year’s 40th Anniversary Book, which documents our journey throughout the pages of Wildwood’s history.

-Lindsey Young


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