Sand Soccer at its Finest: Morey’s Piers 8th Annual Beach Blast Tournament

June 23, 2010 by Tim Samson in Events

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With the World Cup in full swing, the world’s eyes are focused on South Africa; soccer is on everyone’s mind, and for good reason. When you see participants from all over the world battling for their nation on 100 meters of grass and chalk, you get a tremendous urge to go out and play or cheer on your favorite team. Soccer isn’t a sport that normally takes place at the boardwalk, but who says things around here always remain the same?

Growing up in California, I spent my days at the beach watching your typical beach volleyball games, ultimate Frisbee matches, and the occasional football or softball game. Although, in all my years of sports watching, I have never seen teams of competitive soccer players warming up on the sand for tournament play. As most will admit, soccer is a physically demanding sport that takes hard work and training. When the setting is changed from grass or Astroturf to the public sand of Wildwood, an entirely new and different game is sure to materialize.

The 8th Annual Beach Blast Barefoot Soccer Tournament, scheduled for the 26th and 27th of this month, is an opportunity for youth and adult players alike to test their skills on a much different “field,” playing for bragging rights of the boardwalk. The Bash allows players and bystanders to witness competitive soccer at one of the most unique venues in the world. Beach soccer tournaments exist all over the United States, but this venue is particularly special. With the gorgeous Wildwood shore the setting for match play and the fun filled boardwalk directly adjacent, the Bash is guaranteed to provide a thrilling experience for all in attendance.

Youth and adult teams from the entire Atlantic coast have entered the tournament and are contending for trophies, pride, and a spot in Morey’s Piers history books. Sunshine and beautiful weather are on the guest list, along with thousands of spectators who make the trip to Wildwood in the summer for the best beach in New Jersey, world class amusements and waterparks, and much more. Participants and friends are also encouraged to spend a night camping on the sand to appreciate the full outdoor experience and enjoy a night on the Jersey shore.

The turnout is sure to be nothing less than fantastic with more than 900 teams, ranging from under eight to upwards of 30, signed up to compete. So, grab your sunglasses and camera, ‘cause this bash is sure to be worthy of the memory bank.



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