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March 11, 2008 by Tim Samson in

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Our Spring Sale is on again now through March 28th. Here’s the insider’s point of view:
-Season Passes or Easy Rider passes are great if you are down the shore a lot. Many of our Guests purchase them for their grandkids who come down more than a few times. If you live here all summer – it is a no brainer.

-The Waterpark 4 and 10 paks are a great idea for Easter because you can split them up for each Easter basket or share throughout the summer. One Guest shared with me that she likes to buy the waterpark paks on sale and then give them away with beach bags and towels at birthday parties.

-The MOR-EZ Ticket Card is my favorite Easter or anytime gift idea because it includes 60 ride tickets, three waterpark specials, free mini golf and three food discounts. It’s the ultimate gift card!

Of course, if you prefer gifts cards, we have them: $100, $75, $50 and $25.

Here’s the official spiel:

“Right now is your last chance to save big on ride and waterpark savings for this summer! Get season passes, easy rider passes, waterpark 4 and 10 paks (great for splitting amongst family and friends) and, of course…the MOR-EZ Ticket Card.
Hurry, Sale Ends March 28th. Now click here! SALE

I hope you find this helpful!

Lisa Fagan
Marketing Manager


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