Staff Meetings




Communication is pretty darn important when working with over 300 waterpark staff  across two Beachfront Waterparks.  So each morning before we open, and each evening after we close, we conduct brief staff meetings.

Most meetings are brief and only last around 5-10 minutes.

Part “pep-rally,” part announcement sharing, part brainstorming, these meetings have evolved to be one of the most important operational “traditions” we have.  Sometimes we talk about the operational areas that we aren’t “hitting the mark” in.  Other times we discuss guest service issues or safety concerns.  Or, we may take the time to communicate employee related concerns or announce an employee event.

But while announcements are great, every time we have one of these “meetings,” we try to recognize someone.  Nothing is more meaningful than a public “pat on the back,” so we always try to recognize good and memorable actions of our employees at these meetings with a few personalized “Atta’ boys” and “Atta’ girls.”

Getting a paycheck each week is great, but in the end, nothing beats getting some good ole’ fashioned recognition for a job well done.  This is one of the things that makes being part of Team W.A.V.E. so great.


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