Still Shopping?

If you’re like me, you do your Christmas shopping in waves:

Wave 1- Before Christmas for the people you’re actually going to see on the days surrounding December 25th.

Wave 2- As needed after the holiday, but before New Years for the sprinkling of gatherings that may occur.

Wave 3- After New Years for yourself because everything is on clearance. (I call Wave 3 “Bonus Christmas!”)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed some gingerbread Curley’s Fries, Hot Cocoa or Crown Roast (yum!). I’d like to formally welcome you to Wave 2! Our Holiday Sale is still going strong. Pick up Season Passes, Waterpark tickets, Breakfast in the Sky gift certificates and more for those stragglers left on your shopping list. Order online or stop by the Blue Palms Motel to visit Lee and pick up some great retail gifts only available at the motel.

Happy Wave 2 shopping!


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