“Substitute Bile for Blood”

What do fish tacos and the horrors of the Tower of London have in common? Both were brought to the table in the annual brain storming session between more than 150 amusement park enthusiasts and Morey’s Piers company executives, Will and Jack Morey, along with Executive Chef, Wally Jurusz. Attendance increased by more than a third for the annual event, known as “Coastin’ By the Ocean,” which also focused on ways to improve the food offerings at Morey’s Piers and help design a haunted attraction expected to be called “Ghost Ship Island.”

“Discussions went in a lot of directions,” says Jackson Township coaster enthusiast, Bret Ulozas.

“The sessions were designed to discuss ideas to help make us the best seaside park in the world,” says Jack Morey, Executive Vice President of Morey’s Piers. “The group was very diverse, the opinions diverse, but the common denominator was `uniqueness’.”

Ulozas cited the Curley’s Fries and the Cuban fries at Jumbo’s as a unique kind of food.

“The consensus on the food front was also coming up with varieties such as sushi, and the importance of smell in attracting people,” Jack Morey says. “Another recommended element included food preparation in front of people, creating a show.”

“We suggested a healthier variety of fruits. Some barbeque and tacos. Good seafood choices in a real restaurant also topped the wish list, with maybe fish tacos,” Ulozas says.

“We also learned that beer and seafood are inseparable and in high demand for our crowd,” Jack Morey says.

On the ride front, the group saw mock up drawings for the ghost ship ride, a haunted walk-through expected to be located where the miniature golf sits on Mariner’s Landing Pier. “In regard to our proposed haunted house, the group provided input on things such as the following: the ideal levels of gore; whether or not we design in a chicken exit; and the overall theme and storyline,” Jack Morey says.

Ulozas recommended that the gore level be reduced in the day time. “But later, approaching midnight, make it crazy. Everyone liked the idea.” He also recommended something similar to London’s haunted towers, with an animatronic head hacked off. “The lights go out and everyone gets squirted with water. That could be the first scene.”

Morey says the ride will likely feature low gore and high scare. “One of the ways to keep it low gore, but still grotesque, is to substitute bile for blood,” he says.


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