Surf Fest from the Beach

Don’t surf? And don’t think you want to learn? That’s ok! I spent the whole day on the beach during this year’s surf fest and the atmosphere and the company was awesome! Of course I love being in the water to but I got to spend the whole day hanging out with the Woody’s Girls from Woody’s Surf & Skate and they brought a bunch of stuff from their two shops (Rio Grande and North Wildwood). They had everything from boards to clothes to the those water bouncy balls (yes, they bounce on the water). Of course, they brought boards and instructors for the free surf lessons as well.

The bands were great on our beach stage. This year we had the Dan Brown Duo and The Following which are perfect sounds for the beach! And to top it all off I got to hear all the awesome stories from kids and adults who got to surf for the first time. They were so pumped after getting out of the water and talked about how they couldn’t wait to get in the water again. For those of you who missed this amazing day…shame on you! Check out our Facebook page for some more awesome pictures.

Sometimes I can’t believe I call this place work because days like that are just so much fun!

See you at the shore,


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