Sweets n’ Treats is Even Sweeter Than You Think!

July 21, 2014 by Tim Samson in

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Sweets n’ Treats is Even Sweeter Than You Think!


If there’s one thing you’re searching for here in Wildwood it is most definitely a great ice cream shop. It’s the seashore, we’re simply known for this! Here at Morey’s though, we’ve established the motherload of deliciousness. On Mariner’s Piers, Sweets n’ Treats, located right under the Sea Serpent is an ice cream AND candy paradise. #Winning!

Everyone has a different dessert palate; some like gummies, others like chocolate, and some just want to sink their teeth into a block of fudge. Sweets N Treats has a section for each! So try not to drool as you stare into the glass cases of yummy candies, chocolately delights, and cool, refreshing ice cream.

Morey’s likes to stick to the traditional family-owned and operated companies (just like ourselves!). Ashers, a Philadelphian company since 1892, provides Sweets N Treats with some of the most decadent chocolate to hit the Jersey Shore. We love that they’ve stuck to their mom and pop recipe for 100 years.

Let’s not forget Bryers, an American classic since 1866, and a big hit at our parlor. You can top off a creamy cone with some hot fudge and jimmies…or is it sprinkles? That’s just a WHOLE other conversation, but we’ll let your hometown roots decide!

You’re probably thinking that you can find a place like this anywhere on the boardwalk right? Well, partially. Sweets N Treats takes a different spin on candy though. It lives up to the nostalgic, Wildwood reputation unlike the average Joe.  There are treats from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, AND 90’s.  It’s the perfect spot when you’re craving one of your childhood favorites.

After you GO WILD on the Sea Serpent, or set sail on Pirates of Wildwood, stop in to Sweets N Treats to see for yourself. Take a peak, grab a coffee, or indulge in your summertime favorites. You know you needed a new favorite spot, so here it is.


Watch Danielle and Santa pick out their favorite goodies for Christmas in July!





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