The Pier that ROCKS!

The Pier that ROCKS!

Wait until you visit Adventure Pier this summer! So many new things are happening that you might not catch them all if I don’t start telling you about them…

First off, the artBOX is expanding and we have nicknamed it artBOX 2.0! David, Pete and Pete will still be there creating works of art for sale at the Exit Museum Store plus art shows all summer long will feature local NJ artists. If looking at art is not enough for you, then pick up a paintbrush or two and create a masterpiece for yourself. More information on the weekly programming at artBOX 2.0 coming soon!

Watch live radio broadcasts at the new stat-of-the-art radio studio by 98.7 the Coast and 106.3 WJSE Rocks and win prizes all summer long. Speaking of rocking out, the School of Rock will be back Thursday through Sunday nights on the brand new stage, front and center of the Great White Coaster's lift hills.

All this art and music got you hungry? We are pleased to welcome Tony Lukes and Big Wave Burritos to the brightly colored containers of artBOX 2.0!

Oh yea, don’t forget about all the Extreme Rides on Adventure Pier that will soar you through the sky. New this year, they are included as part of our MOR-EZ ticket cards!

Get ready for the Pier that ROCKS, Adventure Pier!


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