The Royalettes

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The Royalettes

You Wildwood Lovers, (as I’d like to call you), always seem to surprise me!  I can’t speak for everyone else, but most of you are what keeps me loving this town more and more.  Let me explain…





As I did my morning stop by The Port Royal Hotel, I saw a guest at the front desk wearing a blue t-shirt that read “The Royalettes.”  All I could initially do was smile because I guess I always thought that they were some sort of…I don’t know, urban legend?  I would hear stories from co-workers, and some of them you just really have to see to believe.  As I walk around the front desk to comment on her beautiful t-shirt, as well as ask if I can take a picture of her in it to use on our Facebook page, she proceeded to tell me some of The Royalettes background, and how they came about. I was told though that I needed to get the full story from Betsy, who actually emailed me some photos and details along with it. So here you go, the story of The Royalettes:

Some of The Royalettes have been visiting since The Port Royal Hotel first opened in 1972.  They came year after year with their families, but so did quite a few other people, and mostly always on the same week. It soon began where they not only couldn’t wait to come down to the shore for their vacation, but also to The Port Royal Hotel to see their friends again. After almost 20 years for all of them, (more for others) friends have now turned into family, and all because of their vacations at The Port Royal Hotel.  How awesome is that?

“We look forward to seeing everyone every year. It’s really become like a family to us,” said Betsy.  “We also feel that way about the staff at The Port Royal. Some of us get together at least once during the year for a dinner, but every August (1st and 2nd week) it’s us at the Port. Some of the kids are grown now and having children of their own.” Betsy commented that she “always sends 2 or 3 newsletters to the gals each year, and tries to update everyone about the news that's good, bad, and sometimes sad.”

Well, Royalettes, we would like to thank you for not only sharing your story with us, but for giving us the honor of being a part of your friends and families memories.  Its stories like these, as well as families like yours that make our jobs here at Morey Piers & Resorts worthwhile!  We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

Have you been coming to a Morey Resort for years with your families? I’d love to hear some of your fondest memories and why you choose us year after year. 






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