The Wild Half: One Month Away

July 28, 2011 by Tim Samson in Events

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This is a guest post from Al Alven, editor of Wildwood 365. If you would like to be a guest blogger for the Beachfront Blog, please email us at social.media@moreyspiers.com.

The two months or so since my previous post have been quite a ride.

Training for the Wild Half has taken me to some interesting places – literally and figuratively.

Take this very moment, for instance. I generally don’t punch out entire blog posts or journal entries on my cell phone, instead preferring to do so in the relaxed comfort of my home office; but here I am, sitting in the stands that overlook the track behind Northeast High School here in Philly.

I just finished a 10-mile run, the first time I’ve reached this mark during this round of training (not counting treadmill workouts).

Were this three or four months ago, I’d probably be looking for the nearest place to lie down and pass out. And after that, my top priority likely would have been to hit the Burger King across the street for lunch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m hot, sweaty, tired, and a part of me really isn’t looking forward to the 2.5-mile walk home from here. But, I’m going to resist any urge to take the bus.

Overall, I feel energized and excited. Even as I’m typing this, I can feel my strength returning. It’s amazing what a commitment to proper diet and exercise can do. The transformation I’ve experienced over the past few months has surprised me, quite honestly.

It took a while for me to start seeing results. As I stated in my last post, I’m not an athlete or a runner, by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve had many “starts and stops” in my efforts to get in shape over the years.

This journey has been different, primarily because I’ve been able to keep the goal of running the Wild Half in focus. There have been a few setbacks, of course. Last week, I pushed myself too hard, didn’t drink enough water, and wound up at the hospital after suffering from dehydration.

That certainly wasn’t pleasant, but it was a lesson learned (STAY HYDRATED, my friends!). This week, I’ve managed to get myself back on track, but I’ve had to take it slowly to ensure that I wouldn’t relapse.

Looking back (and looking ahead), one thing I think I can improve upon is organization.

I really admire Jen Newman’s dedication to charting her progress, as she has shared in her guest blog posts. I have my daily and weekly routines, for sure, but a lot of my workouts are based on “feel.”

I’m not even entirely sure how far I’ve run certain days. I’ll just go out for an allotted period of time or until I feel satisfied. With one month to go before the event, I’m going to make it a point to record my activity with better precision.

And, on that note, just one month away… Wow!

I knew that this wouldn’t be easy, and it hasn’t been. But, it sure has been a rewarding experience.

As for exactly what to expect with the Wild Half, I’m still not sure. Having never done anything like this, my mind often wanders in the realm of the unknown. How will my body react to the workouts leading directly up to the half-marathon? What will weather conditions be like that day, and how might they affect me? How will the presence of other runners affect me?

Some are simple questions, others of more primary concern.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the event with great anticipation!

I hope to have a third and final update with some thoughts when we get down to the “week to go” mark.

Still “Runnin’ Wild!”


jen (@jeninRL) says:

August 1, 2011 at 2:38 pm

you are doing great Al, keep it up!!

Thanks for the shoutout!!

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