The Wipeout

I grew up in the Midwest and I moved to wildwood in 2003, it was quite and interesting change for me. Although I have grown to have a strong attachment with the Wildwoods, it’s not quite as easy for me to really understand the deep attachment that the boardwalk, sights and sounds have on the region. The history of Morey’s Piers is not something that belongs only to the company; it is a shared experience with each and every guest that visits. The piers’ history is really about the memories, from those lazy days of summers to the fun filled nights; everyone has these own unique and colorful memories, filled with the sights, sounds and tastes of the boardwalk.

Giant Slide 1970
Photo Credit: Merlin W. Paul via the Wildwood Historical Society

The Giant Slide, originally called the Wipeout, is engrained in history, not only ours as a company but in that of the region. As with all things in life, change is inevitable, only few survive the tests of time, but I realized memories, now they last forever. The evolution of the Boardwalk is one that I personally find interesting, it’s like nothing that I have experienced before, there sometimes it seem as if there is no rhyme, or reason to change, but in the end, change is the essence of the boardwalk.

I’m inspired by the multitude of stories that have been flooding in, on Facebook and thorough email, from people remembering this first ride, to fond memories of loved ones now gone. Stories of summer nights spent working at the top, and construction workers assembling the steel. These are memories are more than the sum of the parts of the slide, it’s not just a slide made of steel and fiberglass, but it’s the home to many cherished memories, and nothing will ever take those away.

As we prepare to write the next chapter of history, we would be remiss not to honor the past. After the Final Farewell on Sunday the 10th, the Giant Slide will quietly slip away from the horizon, but the memories that it made will last a lifetime and the presence it made on many will never change. Memories are wonderful things, they remind us of who we are, where we have come from and most importantly, given enough time of how far we have come. Looking back it was a fiberglass slide in a parking lot in Florida, looking forward it was the start of millions of memories for generations that will live forever. Long live the Wipeout, at least in our memories.

Wipeout Sunset
Photo Credit: Paul Porto Vote for his entry in our photo contest


Kristen says:

October 4, 2010 at 10:54 am

I have fond memories of that ride.  Flying down that huge hill on a
scratchy potato sack, nestled between my dad’s legs for safety.
What fun!  I also remember getting stuck a few times, on humid
nights, when the slide wasn’t so slippery!  My daughter, who is 6,
went down that slide at least 6 times this past summer.  We will
miss it!


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