Training for the Wild Half- Week 1

June 1, 2011 by Tim Samson in Events

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This is a guest post from Jen Newman from Jen in Real Life who will chronicle her journey as she trains for the Wild Half. If you would like to be a guest blogger for the Beachfront Blog, please email us at social.media@moreyspiers.com

I have a 14-week training plan that screams “JEN” ~ it is very refreshing to feel energized just looking at a training plan. I had looked at a few generic plans online and none of them seemed to be what I wanted. My training plan is perfect….well, perfect for me.

Monday (day 1): Travel day – I was actually home but after 3 days in Baltimore celebrating Fitbloggin, I needed this day to recover and do laundry.

Tuesday (day 2): 20 minutes of fartleks. I like fartleks. I like saying the word but this was the best 1st run of a new training plan kind of run. I did 2 minutes running alternated with 2 minutes walking. It was quite warm and humid but a great run!!

Wednesday (day 3): Cross training. I broke out the Pink Lady, my pretty beach cruiser, from her wintery slumber in the garage. I probably hadn’t ridden a bike in 7 months and my legs were feeling it. I did not think I would last 30 minutes, but I did.

Thursday (day 4): 20 minute run. Another 2:2 run:walk. My lungs felts stronger on this run but legs felt the run a bit more as I was testing a new pair of New Balance.

Friday (day 5): cross training. I admit, I bailed on this workout. The heat and humidity came to South Jersey and I was wiped out.

Saturday (day 6): 3 miles. The heat and humidity are here to stay it would seem, but I rocked out 3 miles in the late afternoon. I used 2:2 intervals and I felt so strong for all 3 miles. I learned that chewing gum is a great way to keep my mouth from being parched – I am not the biggest fan of drinking water while I run, but I am a mouth breather so I parch easily.

Sunday (day 7): 30 minutes stretching. I took my yoga mat, laptop and a bottle of water out to the tent and I had a nice shady spot with a beautiful breeze. My good friend Lisa turned me on to Neesha and her hip opening yoga series…myhip/piriformis enjoyed this video.

Week 1 Lessons:

1. Be Gentle – I love my new plan. I love that it starts off nice and gently. I had a rough winter and I needed a win. A successful week is a win.  I once read a quote but for the life of me cannot remember where or who said it but the quote is this: Success breeds Energy.  Never have I understood the meaning of those words as I do today.  I had a great week and I am so completely stoked for the week ahead.

2. Friends help, you just have to ask. Along with my friend Heather, Colleen has been helping me with my half training. She is sort of like my own personal trainer – she knows my training plan and she checks in on me. Colleen is a rockstar who has lost 100+ pounds and has become a runner of half marathons. Colleen has helped me remember to trust and believe in myself and to have fun while I am doing this thing! I may have had a different week if Colleen hadn’t said to start slow and enjoy the run and she encouraged me to continue with 2:2 run:walk intervals….in a sense, she was encouraging me to be successful.

3. Success does not need to be “all or nothing!” Yeah, I said it! And, I actually mean it! I am learning to give myself credit for what I can and do accomplish.  I am not going to beat myself up for off days or off meals.  In Real Life….that is me, and sometimes real life is too much junk food, pizza or a bit of depression…hey, it can’t all be roses and sunshine.

Stay Tuned for more WILD fun while I train!


cheryl says:

June 1, 2011 at 10:07 am

bazooka joe gum works best for me.

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