Training for the Wild Half- Week 2

June 18, 2011 by Tim Samson in Events

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This is a guest post from Jen Newman from Jen in Real Life who will chronicle her journey as she trains for the Wild Half. If you would like to be a guest blogger for the Beachfront Blog, please email us at social.media@moreyspiers.com

Week 2 miles:  8.91 miles
Total Miles: 15.06
Week 2 was a STRONG week!

I rocked every workout on my plan. Every workout was not awesome but I did not make any excuses. Heat, humidity and bugs did not deter me…ok, they may have backed me up a bit. In fact, a few times I was down right annoyed that our Spring was all of four hours long BUT....

but I made myself go out later and longer on those runs.

I have heard it said many, many times that running is 90% mental!

Week 2 taught me just what that means.

Lessons of the week:
I love running. I was not really sure until this week. Even crappy runs were better than not running. Running clears all the gunk out of my head. I usually have a hard time turning off my never-ending to-do list that runs in my head, but when I run that little voice shuts up. Running is my therapy!

I can finally call my running, running. I have had a hard time with this one.  I have tried to be a runner who never walks and I never stick with it. I have been training using 2:2 intervals and I am so happy with that and I am loving it! I am a runner.

I do not like Zumba. There I said it out loud.  I received a zumba dvd in the swag from fitbloggin and I finally got around to taking it for a test drive. My hips and knees do not like all that wiggling. I never knew what my feet were supposed to be doing. I used my Polar FT7 to track my heart rate and calories burned….and I get a better bang out of running and I enjoy running more. My hip/piriformis was really irritated after zumba. Sorry to all the zumba heads but I am not a dancer and this was NOT for me.

Week 2 was a fun and interesting week. I tried a new workout and I braved “wild” temperatures!

I wonder what week 3 will bring….


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