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Jack found out that I was going to be in Las Vegas, so he said, “why don’t you stop by Colorado and check out Vail Resorts?” Vail does some pretty amazing things when it comes to creating unique experiences and since ski resorts are really amusement parks for the cold months I thought,” why not? I can check it out.” I was about to book a flight from Las Vegas to CO when Jack said, “don’t fly! you gotta drive!” in only a way that Jack could say. I thought he was nuts. That’s like 10 hours in a car!!!! After a little more persuading (and after all he is my boss so I can’t really say no) I decided that I would get a car and drive. All I can say about driving across the West is WOW. It’s so much more than I expected.

The scenic views are breathtaking. The sheer drops are amazing and the sunset… you just can’t beat it. So after 10 hours of driving, 2 tanks of gas and many, many stops along the way, we arrived in CO just in time for dinner and boy, was I hungry! But as the sun set and the mountains grew taller I began to think just how blessed we are to have such an amazing vista of our own, the Atlantic Ocean. I thought about how many people, including myself, take the view for granted, don’t really think about how unique the setting is and sometimes just never look past all of the fun and excitement of the Boardwalk. In reality one of Wildwood’s biggest assets is the view, the smell of salt air and the picture that it frames for a perfect Jersey Shore experience, this truly is the REAL Jersey Shore.

So from the mountains of the west came a new appreciation for what really is so important, the abundance of amazing views of the Atlantic…


mary Damico says:

February 8, 2012 at 1:17 pm

What a great opportunity you were given! Beautiful scenery,but I’m with you as far as people not appreciating what the ocean and boardwalk have to offer us. Love out west, but nothing compares to an ocean view. We are so blessed!

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