We Made It !!!

Having to open not one, but two beachfront waterparks presents a unique challenge for Team W.A.V.E.  Just about any other amusement facility in the world has to only get one waterpark open each season.  At Morey’s Piers, we have two!

As you would imagine, opening Raging Waters is always the top priority in April and May since that waterpark opens first, on Memorial Day Weekend.  But it is easy to forget that while dealing with the stresses of getting Raging Waters open, Ocean Oasis Waterpark on Surfside Pier opens three weeks later, and in 2011, that is tomorrow-June 18.

As we prep Raging Waters for opening, we are able to throw everything, including the kitchen sink at it.  The challenge arises after Raging Waters opens and we have to not only operate safely at Raging Waters, but we also have to get a second waterpark open.

While our resources may be more limited, we always find a way to get an “A-Team” down to Ocean Oasis each day to sweep, blow up tubes, clean lounge chairs or whatever else needs to be done.  We really have a great team.

And as I have said in prior blogs, in over 25 years of waterpark operation we have never missed an opening day!  And not in 2011 either….

Starting tomorrow, our guests now have two Beachfront Waterparks to choose from.  Enjoy!

It will be a marathon to the finish, which for us will be Halloween weekend this year.  Did you hear about Morey’s Fears?

See you at Ocean Oasis this summer!


Sea Serpent says:

June 17, 2011 at 11:04 am

Congrats on getting both water parks ready in time. I walked through Ocean Oasis yesterday. It looked so inviting!

I’m so thrilled that Morey’s will wait until the end of October to close for the year. I can’t wait to see what is planned for Morey’s Fears. =)

Ocean Oasis closed for the season....pools drainin says:

September 12, 2011 at 9:32 am

[...] trying to hit strict deadlines to get Raging Waters open on time.  June gets tougher as we have to get Ocean Oasis Waterpark open, while at the same time training and developing almost 300 waterpark team [...]

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