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September 17, 2007 by Kristel Fillmore in Awards

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While all of our peers were here in Wildwood at the piers working hard….Kristel and I had the most interesting assignment of traveling to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, deep in the heart of the smoky mountains where Dollywood Theme Park lives.

The reason for our visit? The Golden Ticket Awards ceremony, which, for those of you who don’t know, are like the Academy Awards for the amusement park industry. Sponsored by the famed Amusement Today (an industry publication), the GT Awards have been around for 10 years and this year for the first time the category of “Best Seaside Amusement Park” was added. We, of the few remaining seaside parks in the world, think it’s about time we got our own category!

Now, for the reason that the Morey’s sent us there…..Morey’s Piers placed 3rd in the category behind Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Pleasure Beach Blackpool. Well, while we are honored to be counted among the “best in the world,” we happen to believe that we actually are the best seaside amusement park in the world!

While visiting, we had the pleasure of eating lots of fried southern foods…and it was YUMMMMY (Kristel’s input)!!! Kristel rode ALL the (4) roller coasters in the park and the log flume…and she survived and had fun (I, on the other hand, sat on lots of benches holding her stuff and admiring the lovely landscaping at Dollywood).
But I have to say that probably the highlight of the trip was sitting with Gary Slade, truly a southern gentleman (and the publisher and Editor in chief of Amusement Today) at the reception dinner and enjoying very pleasant conversation as an eagle flew over our heads and proceeded to poop while in flight (fortunately no one’s food took a hit and if you’re wondering why an eagle was flying through a banquet room, you’ll have to wait because it is a long story to be told another time).

Anyway, there’s way too much other stuff to share, but I actually have to get back to work now. Just remind me to tell you all about the VERY spiraling cab ride up through the smoky mountains from the airport and the Septa bus accident in Philadelphia before we left.

Check out Kristel on the Mystery Mine with execs from the industry.

Kristel on Mystery Mine

Angel Daniels
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Kristel Fillmore Youth Events Manager


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