What Do We Do All Winter?  Part 2

January 11, 2011 by Kristel Fillmore in


As I stated in an earlier post, the common myth for all seasonal amusement parks, like Morey’s Piers, is that upon closing for the winter, we all fly to Florida for a vacation that runs until the week before we open. We return, sweep up, and we’re ready to go for opening day. As you saw in my first post on this subject, that’s not really the way it works.  Today, I’m going to attempt to provide a little insight into what goes on in Morey’s Piers’ Facilities Maintenance department during the off season.

Facilities Maintenance is generally responsible for mostly non-mechanical portions of our physical plant.  In our case, if it’s wood, it’s likely their responsibility.  Our six full time carpenters spend the winter months maintaining the Great White track, the interior and exterior of buildings, ride stations, and the actual piers (among many other things).  Facilities Maintenance is also responsible for painting structures, ride vehicles, fencing, etc.  So, you can thank our six full time painters for the bright, colorful and shiny buildings, structures and rides you’ll find here each summer.

Right now, we have some rust removal and painting going on at the Giant Wheel and Sea Serpent.  In addition, our Facilities team is moving into their NEW paint shop on the former Hunt’s Pier.  Now after the holidays, the new shop will host its first significant projects – painting of the Sea Serpent train and Rollie’s Coaster cars!

I’ve only scratched the surface of what our Facilities team accomplishes during the winter.  Stay tuned for my next post relating to this topic, as I’ll try to provide some pictures of the work going on in the new shop so you can get a better idea of the processes involved in making our rides look as exciting as they are!



Jessica says:

January 11, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Super excited to see everything in the spring!!!!

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