“What do you do there in the winter?”

March 20, 2008 by Tim Samson in

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If I had a penny for every time someone asks me this question: Here’s what is going on today.

In case you didn’t know, we open in 2 days. I am lucky enough to have an office on Mariner’s Landing Pier (we call it ML) overlooking most of the Pier rides. Man, it is noisy out there today! Not as noisy as when we’re in full operation, but pretty close. I can hear maintenance transporting heavy equipment on the Pier (which rattles the entire office). BTW, so does the Sea Serpent every time it is dispatched and they have been doing test runs all day —Oh, there it goes again! I can see the Pirates of the Wildwoods boats being cleaned and readied for re-installation. I can “feel” the guys power washing the pier – even 10 minutes after they stop (imagine how they feel holding that thing)! Returning associates are walking around the pier coming to and fro training. The Thai students just arrived this past weekend for Moreyentation (yes, that is what we call our orientation) and much of our seasonal help is rushing around upstairs in the offices preparing for the arrival of millions of people this summer! Two recruiting teams just returned from overseas: one from europe and one from south america. But of course, we are still hiring…(hint, hint). Oh look an apply now link. APPLY NOW

It is nice to see the place coming back to life again. I’ll to try to keep you updated from my birds eye view, or better yet come visit us this Easter weekend and see for yourself.

Lisa Fagan
Marketing Manager


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