What Does Guest Services Do?

August 29, 2011 by Tim Samson in


Well hello ride enthusiasts and beach goers! I know it has been a  long time since I last posted and for that I do apologize. We have been very busy and working very hard in making sure all of our guests are enjoying their stay. Since I have last posted I have been asked a lot of questions in Guest Services. The questions range from, “Where are the bathrooms?” (located near every Guest Services) to “How tall is the Atmosfear?” (It is 157 feet with the flag pole).

For every question a guest throws at Guest Services, we have an answer or find someone who does know the answer. There is only one that we must stop and think hard about. That question is, “What do you do in Guest Services?”  Well…

1. For starters, we do everything a cashier would do, from selling tickets for your favorite rides to selling wristbands so you can ride all the rides all day and night (go-carts and X-treme rides not included).

2. Guest Services handles all of our guest complaints and compliments (mostly compliments) and helps to resolve any issues about games, rides, food outlets and the waterparks.

3. When you call the Morey’s Piers telephone number, Guest Services acts as the receptionists. We answer the phones from 9am ‘til 12am and are willing to answer all your questions or transfer you to any department. If you have ever called Moreys Piers in the early morning hours and heard a very cheery male’s voice, that would be yours truely. (I would like to say I’m sorry to those I wake up with my energetic hello’s).

4. If you have ever lost something at Morey’s Piers, Guest Services is the place where you want to be. Whether it is your sunglasses or your cell phone, Guest Services is always here to help and asist in the recovery of your lost items. Every Guest Services has a lost and found just for that pier.

5. Guest Services is home to many different programs.
I. Mariner’s Landing is home to the Will-Call window. If anyone left passes for you that’s the spot where you’d want to go.

II. Another big program we have is the Assosiate Wristband program. If you work for Morey’s Piers, one of your perks is a free season pass. I’ll say it again, free season pass! In order for our associates to get their passes they must go to Guest Services on the pier where they work and we issue them wristbands for that day.

III. One of the most important programs we offer in Guest Services is our Offical Height Measurement Program. If there is ever a question concerning if your child meets the height requirement for a ride, just visit Guest Services and ask to have your child measured and issued a wristband with the child’s height.

6.  Next is one of my favorite things to do in Guest Services and that is make the annoucements. We page any missing children or parents to the closest Guest Services and we also make the closing calls. “May I have your attention please, your attention please….” I’m the voice that sounds like a recording (Thank you, entertaining background.)

7. Lastly, we help out with other departments. Guest Services helps with the picnics, group sales and special events such as Beach Blast and Beach Jam.

So now you have an little understanding of that on-going question, “What do you do in Guest Services?” If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop by guest services and say hello to me; I’ll be the one with the big smile and the name tag that reads Joey.

My name is Joey Contino and I have spent every single summer on the many different rides on these piers. I rode my first ride when I was only five months old and first became a season pass holder in 1999. As I grew older, I always had the dream of not only being the next President, but to someday be a big part of Morey Organization. I currently work in Guest Services as a supervisor and am doing one of the things that I love- putting smiles on people’s faces. I have the best job in the world.


Matt says:

August 29, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Joey - Great insight!  I’ve worked at parks for years and people really do wonder what we do.  Thanks for taking the time to share!

Connor says:

August 30, 2011 at 11:42 pm

My friends and I come to Morey’s Piers for the same week every single year and it seems that every time we come to purchase our multi-days passes we always get you joey. You must see about a couple thousand people a year and yet you always remember us and treat us as if we are old friends. Thank-you for being so nice and friendly! Also thank-you for the “behind the scenes” look into Guest Services. Morey’s should be proud to have employees like you on their team!

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