What time is the 3:00 parade?

The title of this post “What time is the 3:00 parade?” is taken from Disney lore and is touted as being the most frequently asked question in the Magic Kingdom.  It may sound stupid, but it’s really not.  When a Guest asks this question, they really want to know what time the parade will be passing their current location.  As you can probably guess, many of the thousands of Guests we serve each day at Morey’s Piers will likely have some questions during their visit.  Since many are the same, we have to remind ourselves that each Guest is an individual and that they don’t know it’s the 10th time we’ve heard the same question that day.  So, I decided to present to you the most frequently asked questions on our three amusement piers:

  1. “Where is the restroom?” Many times, this question is asked of an associate while they are standing next to a sign that says “restrooms.”  I’d say this is probably the most frequently asked question at most amusement parks.
  2. “Where is the entrance to this (Guest points up) ride?” This question is most often asked while pointing to the Sea Serpent Roller Coaster.  This ride has been thrilling Guests in the same location for over 25 years, yet we probably get this question 50 times a day.  We’ve added signs, changed the entrance configuration, even placed a big “Serpent” head with glowing red eyes over the entrance, but we still haven’t gotten it right.
  3. “Can’t you just let him/her (guest points to child) on the ride?  Can’t you make an exception?” This is one of the nicer ways our Guests ask us to let their child onto a ride that is inappropriate for him or her.  Most of the time, the child just doesn’t meet the height requirement and we cannot make any exceptions if we are to ensure the safety of all our Guests.

As a team, we meet to discuss these questions and others every year to see if we can figure out a way to enhance our service level.  If you have any questions that you think we need to do a better job answering, we’d love hear about them – as well as your thoughts on what we can do to answer the question before it’s asked.


-Dino, Director of Pier Operations


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