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What’s New

We are excited to share with you all the new experiences and offerings we have at Morey’s Piers this season.  So hold on tight and enjoy the ride as we head into another year of NEW and WILD fun!

A Sparkling New Ride
Soar to NEW heights like never before on the brand new Wave Swinger on Mariner’s Landing Pier.  Elevated from it’s previous location you can fly high in the Wildwood sky, experiencing amazing views of the beach and boardwalk.  This classic ride captures Wildwood’s colorful history displaying 72 vignettes of our town’s yesteryears and today; it’s a true work of art in motion. 

The Pier that Rocks
Adventure Pier ROCKS with excitement this year featuring live music, good shopping and great food.  Visit artBOX to see how art, music and high thrill rides collide into one crazy and cool way.  School of Rock pumps out thunderous tunes on a brand new stage while 98.7 The Coast and 106.3 WJSE broadcast live from their NEW boardwalk radio studio. But that’s not all; we’ve added brand NEW food options inspired by the food truck trend to top off the list with The ALOHA Smoothie Co. and Tony Luke’s. Don’t forget to check out the new funky benches too.

How Wild R U?
Download our new WildTRAX app so you and all your friends can experience the piers on a whole new level. You can go WILD on all three piers and challenge your friends by racing to the top of the ride leader boards.  But the fun doesn’t end there; you can also earn badges, share photos and MORE with this new thrill-tracking app.

Taco Joint
Yep, we really named it the Taco Joint and the name says it all.  It’s on Mariners Landing Pier next to Jumbo’s and it captures the flavor and style of both Mexico and SoCal brining you many tasty tacos to choose from including; shrimp, chicken, fish, pork and beef.   You can also chow down on quesadillas along with a variety of fresh salsas and freshly prepared nachos.  Still hungry? Then finish your meal off with some flavorful fried cheesecake accompanied by a mouthwatering margarita.

Jake’s “Philly Style” Steaks
Real “Philly” Cheesesteaks make their debut this summer at Jake’s Steaks on Morey’s Surfside Pier, located between Curley’s and Joe’s Fish Co. Whether you like your cheesesteak “wit” or wit-out”, we’ve got you covered.  We use only the best ingredients with our thinly sliced rib eye served atop fresh “Philly” rolls that are trucked in daily. Don’t forget to try Jake’s tasty sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches.  They are equally delicious.

Stubborn Brothers Beach Bar and Grille
Long story short, but before we named this beach bar Stubborn Brothers it was called the Oasis Café and then Soggy Dollar and since we couldn’t agree on a name we decided it might be fun to have a place where all siblings could quarrel at. But no matter what the name, it still has the same stunning views and great food you’ve come to enjoy.  We do agree that it’s the best place to hang up your wet beach towel and grab a cold one with your sibling, friend or foe.


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