Where do Amusement Park Managers go on Vacation?

June 29, 2011 by George Rohman in

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...To another amusement park of course!

You might think I am a little nuts, but I love visiting other parks and attractions, even on vacation.  And down in Central Florida, there is a little theme park resort that you may have heard of called Walt Disney World…the happiest place on earth.

So a few weeks ago, I took a little “mini-vacation” to Disney World right before our season goes into full swing.  A short “mental break” to clear my mind and hopefully “recharge the batteries” so I am all ready to go for the 2011 summer season.

Disney always amazes me.  The attention to detail you see there is unmatched.  But unlike Morey’s Piers, Disney is all about highly themed and immersive experiences.  They are a textbook “theme” park.  Often, people try to make comparisons between Disney and Morey’s Piers, however you have to remember that Morey’s Piers is not about pixie dust and fairytales.  Our “theme” is real…as real as it gets.  Beach, boardwalk and, in the words of Jack Morey, “a little tacky and proud of it!”

Having said that, toward the end of my trip, I was watching TV in my hotel room and I stumbled upon a show about the “must do’s” at Walt Disney World.  It was a very informative program so I have decided to compile a short list of “must do’s” at Morey’s Piers for the next time you visit us.  Enjoy!

Must Do’s” at Morey’s Piers….

1.  Ride the Great White.  This classic wooden roller coaster located on Adventure Pier is a must do.  Located right on the beach, this “woodie” has the perfect combination of turns and speed.  For a really cool experience, ride it at night!

2.  Have breakfast on the Giant Wheel.  Having breakfast 150 feet in the air, overlooking the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean is a must do and is one of the most unique experiences we offer.  Make sure to make a reservation early since there is limited seating each morning.

3.  Rent a cabana in one of the Waterparks.  Feel like a king for a day and you won’t have to search for a lounge chair, or a spot to sit.  There is nothing better than having your own private area to relax in.  Cabanas also have dedicated food and beverage service so you won’t have to wait in line for food either!  You can reserve a cabana at Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis.

4.  Have a meal at Oasis Café. Open to the public and located above Ocean Oasis Waterpark on Surfside Pier, this often overlooked restaurant sports some of the best ocean views around.  A really great way to enjoy a meal with an incredible view!

5.  Watch the Fireworks on Friday nights. There is nothing more American than watching a good olde’ fashioned fireworks show.  Held on select Friday nights during the summer and best of all, they are FREE!

6.  Have a meal on the upper deck at Joe’s.  Located at the front of Surfside Pier, Joe’s Fish Co. is a full scale restaurant with an upper deck overlooking the amusements on Surfside Pier.  Just a great meal with a cool view….a must do!

7.  Ride the Sky Ponds at Raging Waters.  This one of a kind water attraction is a must do, and there is no other attraction identical to the Sky Ponds in the world.

8.  Experience the Ghost Ship.  This must do debuted in 2010 and took over $3 million to construct.  Located on Mariner’s Landing, this full scale, multi-level haunted walkthrough comes complete with live actors, animatronics and several other surprises along the way.  Careful, don’t ever look behind you!


Sea Serpent says:

July 4, 2011 at 10:45 am

#9—RIDE THE SEA SERPENT—— where else can one ride a roller coaster that also runs backwards!

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