Who Exactly Built This Thing???

October 25, 2012 by Tim Samson in Events

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Who Exactly Built This Thing???

by George Rohman

Walt Disney always preached that it doesn’t matter what guests think when they enter….it matters what they think when they exit.

For the past several weekends of Terror Trench operation I have been spending some time at the exit, taking informal feedback from the thousands of guests who have braved our newest attraction at Morey’s Fears, Terror Trench. And to our delight, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive...and in some cases, off the charts!  To quote one terrified guest, “this entire event is beyond anything I have ever expected.”

So, it got me thinking. Just about a year ago, the decision was made that for year two of Morey’s Fears we would expand by turning our “lazy” river at Raging Waters Waterpark into a haunted walkthrough…in other words, turn it into something not so “lazy.” And to many folks' dismay, they put me in charge.

Now, as a Waterpark Manager I will openly admit that I am very good at some things, and not good at others.  If you want a safe, clean, friendly and well run waterpark- I’m the guy.  If you want someone to design and operate a brand new haunted walkthrough from scratch…sorry, way out of my league.  So as anyone else in desperation would do…I cried help and punted to others who could pull it off far beyond anything I could produce.

For such an awesome haunted attraction, it really is really awe inspiring how many different associates across different departments at Morey’s Piers contributed and ultimately made Terror Trench a resounding success!

To put in perspective, take a look at some of our associates who can put their “stamp” on Terror Trench:

·         Our Retail Manager (Go Dragons!)
·         Our Aquatics Manager
·         Just about all of our full time and seasonal Carpenters and Painters and our Facilities Manager
·         Our Ocean Oasis Bartender Supervisor (Go Flyers!)
·         Our HR Director / Waterpark Director of Operations (Go Hoosiers)
·         Our Waterpark Admissions Manager (White Out!)
·         Several of our seasonal Admissions, Aquatics and Maintenance Supervisors
·         A few of our waterpark Lifeguards (who stuck around after our waterparks closed for some extra hours)
·         One of our EMTs
·         Our “Brand” Manager (whatever that means)
·         Our Executive Administrative Assistant
·         Our Chief Operating Officer (War Eagle!), Director of Pier Operations and Ghost Ship Manager
·         Our Ocean Oasis Head Cook / Supervisor (Go Tacos!)
·         Our Director of Construction (Go Tartans!)
·         Our Waterpark Maintenance Lead (Go Steelers & Panthers!)
·         The City of Wildwood Police and Fire Departments
·         And yes, right from the very top, even Will and Jack Morey had some input
·         And many others…

This weekend is your last opportunity to experience Morey’s Fears and Terror Trench. Check it out. You will be glad you did!

And if choose to you brave Terror Trench…watch out for the Eels!


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