Why I love my J-O-B Sam Shurgott

Why I love my J-O-B Sam Shurgott

By: Sam Shurgott -- Area Manager, Food & Beverage - Raging Waters

1. We start the day off with a spectacular Breakfast in the Sky

2. My view at work. Yes, it is like that every darn day.

3. You get a new family every summer to train.

4. Lunch time. The Wiki Kiniki Kabana guests simply love the Wraps ‘O’ Plenty platter.

5. Trade Shows are always fun. Especially when you get to meet a 7 foot tall tuna wearing a sombrero.

6. When you are brave enough to ride in the car with me, I provide you with the latest amusement park industry magazines for you to read so we have something to talk about. I love to talk shop all of the time! 

7. When it’s time to go home, my rush hour traffic is 7 blocks of boardwalk guests.

8. After 18 years of blood, sweat and tears, you get a stand named after you. I am glad my name is not ‘Onesiporus’.

9. You get to meet other park owners and try out new rides. We call this Over Time.

10. My view from the desk after Raging Waters closes. It’s like this every day.



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