Why I love my J-O-B Torsten Denke

Why I love my J-O-B Torsten Denke

By: Torsten Denke - Morey's Surfside Pier Maintenance Department


I had to think of the #1 reason why I love my job at Morey’s Piers.  After thinking and thinking, it finally dawned on me!  As Lead Technician at Surfside Pier the answer was easy...The RIDES! While the obvious answers are my coworkers, the guests, the atmosphere, the scenery (which I truly do love as well) when I really thought about it, it just had to be the RIDES!  They are my children.  I feed them everyday (grease & oil of course) and nurture them with my tools to keep their parts working properly.  I change their diapers when they spring a leak and keep their brains running at peak capacity by tuning the drives, sensors and wiring.  I make sure as they age with time that they stay young and vibrant with fresh coats of paint from their uncles in the Paint Shop. 

Yep...It is the RIDES!  As another summer season comes to a close and all the vacationers have gone home, I know they enjoyed playing with my children.  For now, it's one on one time again for the next few months to keep them healthy and prep them for next season...The RIDES!  That is why I love my J-O-B! 


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