Wild Half Training – 10 Miles

August 3, 2012 by Tim Samson in Events

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I have officially made it to the double digits in mileage for my Wild Half Marathon Training and it's a good thing since there are only 25 more days left to train. I am confident that I will finish the race (which is really my only goal). I gave up wine last week until after the race and will begin small tweaks to my diet to include more protein and more water this week. My body is feeling pretty good besides the blisters and the chafing. I'd like to tell you "oh ya the training is wonderful and I feel like a brand new person," but that would be a lie. But it is rewarding and I did make a commitment to do this on the Internet and on CBS so on my more challenging days I remind myself of that.

I think I'll let myself to start thinking about the fun stuff…like what I am going to wear! If there's one thing I learned through this process, what you wear can be the difference in finishing a long run or not…and not just what's on your feet. I know one thing's for sure- I will be wearing my Team Morey tank top as a reminder to make it to the finish line.

Happy Training,


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