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August 10, 2011 by Tim Samson in Events

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This is a guest post from Jen Newman from Jen in Real Life who will chronicle her journey as she trains for the Wild Half. If you would like to be a guest blogger for the Beachfront Blog, please email us at social.media@moreyspiers.com.

This summer, I am in charge of my school’s summer program. We only have the month of July for the program, so I have been one busy mama! I have also maintained (for the most part) my training schedule.

When last I posted, I had just completed my log run of 5 miles at the end of Week 5.

Yesterday I logged my 8-mile run to finish out Week 9.

A quick recap of the weeks in between.

Week 6: I nailed every single workout. I ran my long run of 5.5 miles.

Week 7: I got sick midway through the week and missed a few runs and workouts but managed to log my long run of 6 miles.

Week 8: An ok week. Uneventful in the running department. Just going with the flow. Long run of 7 miles.

And we are at week 9….holy bananas it was freaking hot in south Jersey this week. We hovered at or above 100* with some insane humidity to match. I took my runs inside to the treadmill at school. I have a fear of the treadmill. I have run a long run of 4 miles on the treadmill and that was due to location (the husband did not want me running by myself in the area I was in) but I am not comfortable on the treadmill. But I sucked it up because it was even ridiculously hot at 5:30am this past week.

However, there was no way I was going to run 8 miles on a treadmill.


I switched my training schedule around (and I plan on keeping it this way) and decided that Sunday would work better for long runs, at least for the rest of the summer.

I had 8 miles on tap for this week’s long run. The heat and humidity were not going to give me much slack so I sought the breeziest place possible, and picked the earliest time I thought I could do.

I set the alarm for 4:03AM.

I kid you not!

I was in Ocean City, parked and moving by 5. I parked about a mile from the boardwalk. I walked the first 5 minutes to warm up then I ran 2:1 intervals until I hit the boardwalk. Once on the boardwalk I decided to run between the ramp entrances at each street; I walked up and down each entrance ramp. I did this until about 15th street then I walked for about 5 minutes and once again switched back to my 2:1 intervals. I ran intervals to the end of the boardwalk on 23rd Street and then back the other way to the North end and back to the street to my car.

Please enjoy some of the pretty pictures of the sun rising over the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk. I snapped these pictures using my blackberry during walk intervals!

It was a beautiful run!

It was a hard run! When I set out it was hot – in the 80s with +85% humidity, but at least I didn’t have the sun blazing on me. I felt slow but I felt good. My breathing was ok and my heart rate was not racing all over the place. My intervals work for me. I had a few moments of self-doubt when “real” runners sped past me. I was about 3 miles from my car and these people were flying past me and they weren’t taking walking breaks and and and…oh I let the negative nelly demon creep into my head. I wanted to sit on a bench and cry. But, I was 3 miles from my car. I had to get back there.

I had to dig deep.

I had to believe in myself.

I had to push myself, but I couldn’t beat myself up.

I looked at the scenery around me.

I looked within and saw where I have been and how far I have come.

Then I gave myself permission to walk more if I needed.

I did not, however, give myself permission to give up on myself.

I dug deep and I am proud of my 8.6 miles!

I also conquered a super-early alarm clock.

4 am and 8+ miles….I have come a long way, baby!!


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