Wild Half Training Week 2

May 25, 2012 by Tim Samson in Events

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Wild Half Training Week 2

I made it my mission during week 2 to find the perfect sneakers for my feet. So…here are my feet all over the Internet. I emailed my friends at CGI Racing and said, “please help me find good sneakers!” First things first I had to learn what kind of feet I have so they directed me to Road Runner Sports, who have a great way to find the perfect sneaker called Shoe Dog (the dog fetches the perfect sneakers for you). As it turn out…I have flat feet with an inward ankle lean and of course had bunion surgery (which was an actual question)…next thing I know 6 different shoes were fetched for me! I ordered two of the choices and settled in on Brooks Addiction 10. So, I don’t know if it was the sneakers or completing two weeks of training but I completed a personal milestone this week and ran 4 miles without stopping or walking. My lower body has been aching all week from my belly button down but I have never felt more accomplished and 5 miles is in my future next week (a personal goal for me).
I didn’t get many songs…send me some for my training please!

Some people seem interested in getting together and training. 7:00 AM under the Morey’s Piers archway on Mariner’s Landing Pier at Schellenger Avenue on Saturdays. Email me if your coming kristel.fillmore@moreyspiers.com

Good Luck in your training,


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