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March 7, 2011 by Tim Samson in Awards

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I’m not originally from NJ, but I just passed my 8 year anniversary of moving to NJ. Over the last 8 years, I have come to appreciate what the Wildwoods mean to so many people, including now myself.

The History of the Wildwoods is steeped in classic “dark” attractions like Dracula’s Castle, The Golden Nugget, Haunted House, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Keystone Cops and many more. All of these attractions continued to change and develop over time and are now part of our collective past.

Ghost Ship was the resurrection of the classic boardwalk dark attraction. Like its predecessors, it will continue to change, get better, scarier and different as the years go by. Even through its initial season, room changes were added, tricks tweaked, modified and even removed. If you had the chance to experience the Ghost Ship at the beginning and end of the season, it wasn’t the same attraction.

Much to our surprise, Ghost Ship was selected as one of five finalists on an esteemed list of new theme park attractions for 2010, it is a sheer delight to be in the presence of Harry Potter and King Kong.  But what does the inclusion of Ghost Ship really say about the Wildwoods, “America’s Boardwalk” and the millions of people that call the Wildwoods their premier vacation destination?

The Wildwoods are home to America’s Boardwalk and classic seaside resort. Even to this day much of the thrill, sights and sounds of the boardwalk remains the same as it did years ago. Yes, some rides have changed, the music is newer and the people do not dress up in full suits to promenade on the boardwalk, but the culture that the boardwalk instilled in the country is still very prominent every summer day and night.

The award isn’t just another plaque or trophy. It’s an affirmation of The Wildwoods on a national stage, a rebirth of those classic haunted attractions that added to the culturally uniqueness of The Wildwoods. The award will bring national attention back to this unique destination and the classic haunted attraction experience. It isn’t about video games, holographic images, or surround sound; it’s about getting the crap scared out of you!  A win isn’t just for us here at the pier; it’s really for all of you that call the Wildwood Boardwalk your home away from home. After all it really is your boardwalk— we just happen to be its current caretakers.

I would encourage each of you to take a few minutes and vote for the Ghost Ship, we promise this year we are making it even more terrifying that the last, and if you need another reason to vote, do it for the hundreds of workers, companies and individuals that spent countless hours resurrecting this unique attraction that will surely evolve into a boardwalk classic.


Robert says:

March 10, 2011 at 5:26 am

Wildwood really is experiencing a rebirth of sorts of the haunted attraction, there’s also the Horror 3D walk through in the former Zombie World on the boardwalk, it has live actors, too and coming this summer 2011 is the House of Haunts on Sportland Pier in the main building. It will have live actors, too. Plus, Dante’s, Pirate’s of Wildwood, Jersey Junkyard, and Curse of the Mummy on Morey’s as well. And the Mirror Maze funhouse on the former Hunt’s Pier/Dinosaur Beach. That’s 8 attractions total. There’s also two indoor blacklight mini golfs on the boardwalk. The Pirate golf in the former Den of Lost Thieves building and the Dragon’s Lair golf themed like a castle inside. I want to go back to Wildwood bad. I was there during the old haunted attraction heyday between 1980-1983 although I didn’t go in all of them I saw all of them in person back then and I experienced the old Fun Pier rode the Lost World and walked through the Crazy House, saw the outside of Castle Frankenstein but didn’t go in. Also experienced Hunt’s Pier and rode most of the attractions. I didn’t go through Morey’s Haunted House but rode Dante’s. The attractions definitely looked scarier at night. I went back to Wildwood Aug 1995, June 1996, and June 1998. I haven’t been back since then. I went through Castle Dracula several times and I miss it. It is very doubtful that the Nickels will ever rebuild anything of a haunted attraction. Especially since they sold most of their pier to Splash Zone Waterpark. The waterpark was there 2 years before the castle burned so both castle and waterslides coexisted for 2 summers, 2000 and 2001. The Nickels leased the castle and dungeon boat to Splash Zone.

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