You know you work at Morey’s Piers when…

June 24, 2011 by Kristel Fillmore in

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You have a key ring that’s big enough to be the janitor’s.

Khakis and polos are the only attire you own.

You have permanent sunglass tan in the summer as well as a complete farmer’s tan.

You speak in radio language even when you are not on the radio…10-4?

The beach is a far off land where you heard some lucky people vacation.

You pick up any piece of trash on the ground whether you’re working or not.

You point with two fingers or a full hand no matter what.

If you aren’t speaking in radio language you are speaking in abbreviation…ML, AP, SP, TMO, MCR, FB&G, MH, UROC, EE, ACW, BB…

You’ve heard the words….Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and you don’t wonder what it means.

You don’t even hear, “Watch the Tram Car please” anymore.

You know it is dangerous to cross the boardwalk on foot between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00am.

Seagull poop is an accessory that you’ve worn more times than you’d like to admit.

You know a corndog is a complete nutritional breakfast especially if you use ketchup.

You’ve gotten sunburn, windburn and soaking wet all in the same day (you’re just lucky it hasn’t snowed…oh wait).

And finally your job is to make sure everyone is safe and having a great time and that makes everything else worth it when you see a child smiling and laughing on his/her first ride or down a slide in the waterpark!

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