If you love Morey’s Piers you have to visit The Morey Store, the ultimate (not to mention the only) destination for Morey’s Piers official merchandise and commemorative souvenirs. Are you having a screaming good time on the roller coasters? Get the Coaster Check Off T-Shirt. Do you love the Cuban Spiced Curley’s Fries? Get Chef Wally’s Cuban Spiced Rub and cook at home like a chef. Forgot your beach towel? Get the largest, fluffiest Morey’s Piers towel. Didn’t bring a sweatshirt up to the boards on a chilly summer night? The Morey Store has that too!

The Morey Store features brand apparel for the whole family, all of Chef Wally’s famous spices, and so much more. With new merchandise arriving throughout the season, no trip to Morey’s Piers is complete until you have visited the Morey Store.

The Morey Store is open every day Morey’s Mariner’s Landing Pier is open. Call 609-522-3900 ext. 1826 for more information.