Flitzer Final Farewell

Dear Friends, 

We appreciate hearing all the passionate sentiments regarding the Flitzer and wanted to take a moment to share some of our own, as well as to explain in more detail why we have decided to retire the ride. 

Our memories of the Flitzer begin with watching our parents and founders install the ride. Albeit a used ride, it was one of their first roller coasters and they were so proud of it. We remember taking our first Flitzer ride and we also remember taking our children on the ride, which was their first ever roller coaster experience too. We also remember the countless stories our guests have shared with us throughout the years, many of which are the same experiences and memories that we have. Even though the ride will fade, the memories will live on. 

While the retirement of many rides including; the Original Wipe Out Slide, the Golden Nugget, the Haunted House, the Jumbo Jet and Kong were all difficult decisions to make, retiring the Flitzer has been the most emotional one for us. However, from a technical perspective, there is simply no feasible way to extend the life of the ride any longer. The Flitzer opened on Surfside Pier in 1983, but it was originally manufactured in 1969. Over the last 15 years we’ve made significant investments to improve and enhance the Flitzer, so that it could remain in operation for as long as it has. Some of the improvements included; magnetic breaks, new tracks, a new control system, new theming and new cars. Retiring the Flitzer was not in our original plans for this year, but after a recent diagnostic exam of the main structural components of the ride, it was clear that we could not, and should not attempt to extend the life any longer. Additionally, the ride is no longer manufactured or supported by the original manufacturer and with New Jersey’s rigid regulatory environment, rebuilding the ride is simply not feasible. Lastly, we will simply not compromise on safety. 

Next year Moreys Piers will be celebrating it’s 50thAnniversary and the recent social media posts are a reminder of just how many of our guests have been a part of this journey along the way. We hear you and we sympathize with you, but rest assured we have many ideas on the drawing board, many of which include more coasters.  We may never be able to bring the Flitzer back, but we will do our best to make sure the next coaster will be a shared family experience, providing new memories for the generations to come.

We hope you can join us for some fun as we celebrate the wonderful life of the Flitzer on September 23rd from 1 – 4pm.  We are just as sad as you are to see it go, but we look forward to having one last ride together! 


The Morey Family