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Today Tuesday Dec 7

Summer Jobs

Part TIME - Summer TIME - Flexible TIME!


Work at the beach.

ride roller coasters.

slide into pools.

And make friends from around the world! 

BIG PERKS include a season pass, discounts on food, fun activities, and more! 

Morey's Piers is your ticket to the #BESTSUMMERJOBEVER

Morey's Piers is just as exciting a place to work as it is to visit! If you are a friendly person who is motivated by a dynamic workplace, you will love our high-energy environment. Morey's Piers is a team environment! Working hard while having fun is our goal. Our hiring process is selective; we put together a group of people that act and function as a team. We're looking forward to talking with you, reaching our goals with fun, and having you as a team member!

The Details

THE DETAILS $15/hour = $13.50 hourly rate plus $1.50/hour retention payment for individuals 18 years of age and older.

 (Youth workers 14/15 y/o = $12.00 hourly rate plus $.50/hour retention payment and, 

 16/17 y/o = $13.00 hourly rate plus $1.00/hour retention payment). 

 Must work a minimum of 200 hours. Must work until your date of commitment, agreed to at your interview. 

Further details provided during your interview.

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We had a great day! I loved how we could go on all the water slides over and over and not wait in lines. It was a great day!

Kristine - Tuckerton, NJ