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Today Saturday Sep 30

Summer Jobs

Morey's Piers is your ticket to the #BESTSUMMERJOBEVER

Morey's Piers is just as exciting a place to work as it is to visit! If you are a friendly person who is motivated by a dynamic workplace, you will love our high-energy environment. Morey's Piers is a team environment! Working hard while having fun is our goal. Our hiring process is selective; we put together a group of people that act and function as a team. We're looking forward to talking with you, reaching our goals with fun, and having you as a team member!

The Details

THE DETAILS up to $16.00/hour = $15.00 hourly rate plus up to $1.00/hour performance payment for individuals 18 years of age and older.

 (Youth workers 14/15 y/o = $13.00 hourly rate plus up to $1.00/hour performance payment and, 

 16/17 y/o = $14.00 hourly rate plus up to $1.00/hour performance payment). 

 Must work a minimum of 200 hours. Must work until your date of commitment, agreed to at your interview. The final amount is dependent on your work performance. 

Further details will be provided during your interview.

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I've been coming here as a kid and I love being able to take my kids on the same rides I did, as well as experience the same things. Wildwood takes a too place of my favorite memories as a kid. There is a mix of rides for all ages. New ones and old ones.

Heather - Charleston, SC