OPENING DAY POSTPONED – Morey's Piers & Resorts Postpones Opening Day Until Mother's Day Weekend.
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Today Sunday Apr 5

Parking Lot


A new and exciting opportunity at Morey’s Piers! We are seeking dynamic individuals with superior guest service skills. Drivers are responsible for the safe, timely, and enjoyable transport of our guests from the parking lot to certain areas around the park. In many ways, drivers act as a liaison between the resort and the passengers!

Drivers will be responsible for operating our brand-new Pig Dog Vehicle during Pig Dog Beach Bar operating hours. Check it out here: Shuttle drivers must have a valid US driver's license and clean driving record.

Along with delivering our guests to the Beach Bar and water park, associates will work as a parking lot attendant and parking enforcement.  Associates in this role are responsible for managing daily operations of our parking lots while providing guest service functions such as greeting and educating our guests about all Morey’s Piers has to offer and delivering exceptional customer service. Parking Attendants will monitor and control the traffic in and out of our parking lots and ensure that guests have paid and are parked appropriately. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Provide exceptional Guest Service

Monitor and Control exits and entrance to the parking lots.

Collect cash upon entry into specific lots

Use a tablet to monitor who has paid in certain lots and issue Morey’s Piers citations when necessary

Provide Timely Transport of Guests

Assist Riders when needed to enter and exit the vehicle

Provide General Park info upon request

Other duties as assigned.

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