Battle of the Bands

$1,000 Cash Prize for the King of the Boards

Each band will receive ride wristbands for the day and an opportunity to purchase discounted bands for friends and family.

The event is sponsored by School of Rock who rocks out every week at [artBOX]


Check In

Check in will be at the artBOX between noon and 1pm - Each band will select a number for your set time - we will have an introduction at 1:15 and music will start at 1:30

EACH band will play a 20 min set (5 min break between bands for Chang over and adjustments) This set is UNJUDGED ! You all will be able to play your sets - see what works, get familiar with the gear , sound and stage and also an opportunity to get some fans to return for round 2 !

Round 2

each band will play a 10 min set and it will be judged on Performance, execution, musicianship , and crowd reaction...

3 bands will be selected to perform  ONE song each for king of the boards!
Overall performance but crowd response / reaction is a huge factor !

SHRED Contest

Before round 2 about 5 pm we will have a SHRED contest - ANYONE any instrument can enter this to win a prize
- It's free to enter just sign up at check in and perform a solo piece not to exceed 2 min in length