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Morey’s Piers

2013 Beach Lacrosse Tournament

Rules and Regulations



Youth Divisions

Teams will be entered into one of the below categories based on age. The oldest person on the roster shall determine the age group for any team based on their age on January 1, 2013. If the oldest player on your team turned 16 on or before January 1, 2013, you will be placed in the U-16 division. If the oldest person on your team turned 16 after the New Year you can play in the U-15 division.

Rosters and proof of age will be required at registration; a copy of birth certificate will be required for all youth players. US Lacrosse player cards will be accepted only if they list player’s age.

•   U-9

•   U-11  

•   U-12  

•   U-13  

•   U-14  

•   U-15  

•   U-16  

•   U-17  

•   U-18  


The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine age brackets if needed for meaningful competition.

Adult Divisions

Must be over the age of 18 at the time of the event. Rosters and proof of age will be required at registration, no exceptions. Photo ID's and copies of birth certificates are acceptable.

•   Men’s Open

•   Women’s Open

Youth players can play in older Youth Divisions only. However, players may not play down. Players cannot play on more than one team. This will be cause for a forfeit of ALL games with no refund.



Beach Lacrosse gameplay is light contact, limited body checking.

The field (surface) is composed entirely of sand.

The field is rectangular. 50yds Long x 30yds Wide. Field areas will be defined by a cone or flag on the sideline.

Teams can have a maximum of 10 players on the roster/team. During the play of the game, there will be no position players.

The game will be played with an official Lacrosse ball. Teams will be provided with balls at registration.

Done on the fly and must enter and exit at midfield.

Any player may enter the 10yd Crease area at any time during play, but may not attempt a shot of any kind within this area.

There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting or retaliation. Any individuals involved with fighting will be ejected from the tournament.



NO SHOES - EXCEPT FOR GOALIES. Socks, tape and ankle braces are allowed but there can be no hard reinforcements in the ankle brace. Sports knee braces with metal support are allowed.

Short Sticks only!!

Boys (HS & Youth) – All players are required to wear protective gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, helmet, mouthpiece and a jersey that can be identified with their team. Rib pads and protective cup is recommended but not mandatory.

Girls – Protective eyewear and mouthpiece are required.

Men – Helmets and gloves are required. Shoulder pads, arm pads, rib pads, mouthpieces and protective cups are recommended but not required.

All Goalies are required to wear full, proper protective equipment. Sneakers only – NO CLEATS!




Coaches, Players & Spectators
Coaches are not only responsible for their own conduct, but also for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators. Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting or other unbecoming behavior on the part of players, coaches, parents or fans will not be tolerated. Tournament organizers and officials reserve the right to eject offenders, terminate a game and/or escort coaches, players, teams or fans from the premises. Only head coaches are permitted to address the officials; coaches are expected to do so in a courteous manner. Any questions or disputes will be discussed only by the head coach and the officials on the field. Determinations of officials are final and binding.

Coaches are asked to make sure their players clean their bench areas of water bottles and other debris after each game


General - The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to this tournament.

First place trophies will be awarded to division winners; medals will be awarded to 2nd place.

Teams should arrive at the scheduled field 30 minutes prior to game time to be checked in by the appropriate official. Teams may warm-up in any area other than the field of play and directly behind the goal area while a game is in progress.

Protests - No protests will be allowed.

Team Field Position - Players and coaches of both teams will be on the north or east side of the field. Parents and spectators will be on the opposite side for the entire match. Coaches or spectators are not permitted to coach from the spectator side of the field. Coaches and players must remain between the crease line and their side of the mid-field line. Coaches may not coach from below the crease line. No spectators are permitted to stand behind the goal area.

Forfeits -
A team shall be allowed a 5-minute grace period after the scheduled game-time in the preliminary rounds before the match is awarded to their opponent. A minimum of 4 players constitutes a team, and if 4 players are present the match may not be delayed. If during the course of the match a team falls below the minimum 4 players, the game will be forfeited to their opponent. A team that has forfeited a game may not advance to the finals. If an apparent group winner forfeits, the group team with the next best record will be declared the group winner. A forfeit in the preliminary rounds shall be awarded as 3 points for a win with the score 5-0.

Size - 50 yards Long x 30 yards Wide. Nylon webbing staked at the four corners.
Each field area will be defined by a cone or flag on the sidelines: 
Crease at 10 yards, Shooting Area at 15 yards and Midfield

Player Positions - No position players (except for Goalie)

Team Size - 5 players on the field (4 players plus a goalie). Maximum of 10 players per team/roster. No exceptions! If you have 11 or more players that you would like to have play in the tournament you may enter 2 teams with less than 10 maximum players. Example: 17 players would be 1 team of 9 and 1 team of 8 or any other combination so as there are never more than 10 payers on the roster.

Length of Game -
18 minute halves, Running Clock (except during timeouts); 4 minute halftime break

Overtime - No overtime in group stage.
Playoffs – 5-minute OT sudden victory periods until a winner is determined.

Out of Bounds - When the ball or person handling the ball touches the line or sand beyond the line
that person/ball is out of bounds. The player may enter the field when the referee signals it is ok to return. Defensive team may bring the ball in from the goal line. Offensive team must enter between the Crease cones on the side of the field. A shot out of bounds goes to the defense, not the player closest to where it went out

Crease - Any player may enter the Crease area at any time during play, but may not attempt a shot of any kind within the area.

Face off - US Lacrosse Standard (Men and Women)
Face Off is at the beginning of each half.  The Goalie brings ball into play after a goal is scored

Substitutions -
Done on the fly and must enter and exit at midfield. The player leaving the field must be completely over the line before the other player is permitted to enter the field.

The Ball -
Morey’s Piers will provide each team with official balls at registration. All teams are responsible for balls on their offensive goal line (it is anticipated that field fences will stop many, but not all of the shots). Teams are responsible for those balls and for making sure there are an adequate number of balls on their offensive goal line during games.

Timeouts -
Each team has one 1-minute timeout per half. Playing time stops with each timeout and also for injuries.

Penalties – Penalties will be enforced for Technical fouls (hold, push, interference, etc.) and
Personal fouls (slash, trip, cross-check, etc.). Penalties will range from 1min to 3 minutes depending on the severity and at the official’s discretion.
Penalized players must serve all penalties (except goalie). The penalized team plays down a player during this time.
Penalties are released at the official’s signal or when a goal is scored by the player- up team, unless it was designated “non-releasable”. Penalty time will be kept by the official and begin on the restart whistle.

Checking -
LIMITED BODY CHECKING! To be legal a body check should be delivered in a generally upright position with both hands on the stick and the player initiating the check may not use his lowered head or shoulder to make the initial contact.  NO take-out checks!
Big hits and overly physical play (even near a loose ball), as well as excessive force, roughness, checking or hitting more than 5 yards from the ball, constitutes unnecessary roughness and will result in a penalty of 1-3 minutes.  Intentional hits to the head or neck will automatically receive a 2-3 minute penalty & the player may be ejected from the game.

Fighting -
 There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting or retaliation. Any individuals involved with fighting will be ejected from the tournament. Players will be ejected from the game for fighting and teams will receive penalty time from 1-3 minutes.  It will be up to the discretion of the tournament organizer and head referee if the team/players involved will be allowed to continue to participate in the event.

Taunting & Foul language -
No taunting or excessive celebration.
No foul or abusive language towards another player, team, fans or officials.
Violators may be ejected from the game and/or asked to leave the area.
Spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship and behave themselves accordingly.
Please cheer for your team in a positive manner and refrain from commenting to the other team’s players or fans as well as the officials.  A player, coach, team or spectator may be removed from the game or the tournament at the discretion of the event organizer.

Other Rules -
No minimum number of passes for ball advancement.

Points -
At the conclusion of the preliminary matches, each team will be ranked according to their performance. This ranking will determine the teams that will meet in the semi-final or the final matches. The ranking criteria are as follows:

1.   Win – 3 points

2.   Tie – 1 point

3.   Loss – 0 points

4.   Win by forfeit – 3 points.                   

The team with the most match points finishes first. A match that has been cancelled by the Tournament Committee will be awarded a 0-0 tie. Teams are encouraged but not required to not run up the score by more than 6 goals. However, if a team wins by more than 6 points, the score will be changed by the tournament committee to reduce the number of goals scored by the winning team to no more than 6 more than that of the losing team. The reduced amount will be used in tiebreaker calculation if needed.

Tiebreaker -
In the event of a tie within a division, the following tiebreaker rules will be applied in order:

1. Winner of head-to-head competition

2. Least goals allowed during the preliminary matches

3. Goal differential

4. Coin toss (First team alphabetically calls it)

If 3 teams are tied for any position, the above process will be used, except head-to-head competition will be eliminated and the first tiebreaker will be least goals allowed.



Wristbands are valid for access to Raging Waters Waterpark and Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club, plus the amusement rides on all 3 Amusement Piers (daily wristband restrictions apply: go carts, SkyScraper, SkyCoaster, Climbing wall, Screamin’ Swing, High Flyer and Springshot are not included) all day Saturday and Sunday during operating hours. Check Morey’s Piers operating hours.

Wristbands must be placed tightly on the right wrist. Please count your wristbands and meal tickets prior to your arrival to make certain that you have received the amount for which you paid. Lost, stolen or forgotten wristbands or meal tickets cannot be replaced without repurchase. Coaches are responsible for distributing wristbands to all members of the team. Players are responsible for obtaining wristbands from their coach. 

•   Wristbands are NOT TRANSFERABLE. You may not give your wristband to another person. Attempting to sell or transfer Beach Blast wristbands will result in removal of wristband with no refund and you may be banned from the tournament. You must have a wristband for admission to the amusement rides.

•   Waterparks may close for periods of time due to capacity. No refunds, additional time, etc will be granted if this occurs.

•   Wristbands must be WORN the entire weekend. Wristbands must be placed on the right wrist tight enough so they cannot be removed without breaking the band. Wristbands that are broken, tampered with, held in a pocket, loose on the wrist, or fixed to something other than a human being, will not be accepted for admission to the amusement rides or waterparks. Wristbands must remain on all guest’s wrists throughout the entire event.

•   Spectators are NOT permitted in the waterparks. In order to enter Raging Waters Waterpark or Ocean Oasis Beach Club and Waterpark, you must be wearing an event wristband.

•   There are no rain checks or refunds for event wristbands. Morey’s Piers will attempt to operate during inclement weather as long as conditions are safe which will be determined at the sole discretion of Morey’s Piers management. Passes are non-transferable.

•   Guests must adhere to all ride requirements, obey all written and verbal instructions, and conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal of your wristband without refund. This is a zero tolerance policy, and violators have no recourse. Morey’s Pier staff is trained to enforce all policies and procedures at all times, and immediately report violations to management. State Law requires that each rider must obey all written warnings and directions regarding any ride and refrain from behaving in a reckless manner which may contribute to injury of the rider or others. Failure to comply is a violation of law and subject to a penalty under the New Jersey code of Criminal Justice.