Terror on the Boardwalk

Dear Guests,

We have the hauntingly gloomy duty to inform you that we have canceled Terror on the Boardwalk for 2013.

An event of this caliber and scale takes countless hours from literally our entire staff.  When combined with less than stellar attendance we felt we needed to pause for a year or two to rethink our approach and give Felix and the demented zombies a break from walking amongst the undead.

We are however very excited to announce our first Zombie Mud Run on the Wildwood Beach. (The Zombie Mud Run) We invite you to a post-apocalyptic time where Humans and Zombies of all ages to come and participate in this unique mud race on Saturday, October 12th.  As always thank you for being our guest and for your understanding.

Hope to see you on the boards, 
Will & Jack Morey