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November 15, 2021

When the summer comes to an end, that's when our team gets busy preparing and prepping for the season ahead. The "off-season" is usually spent juggling maintenance projects, inspecting amusement rides, and on the list for this year, re-flooring our water park kiddie play areas. Ok, so we know it's not as glamourous as a new ride or roller coaster, but we must say this product and design have us geeking out just a bit. 

Camp KT Life Floor installation.

"Safety is the top priority here at Morey's Piers, followed closely by aesthetics," says Will B. Morey, Director of Water Park Operations. "So, when the decision was made to invest in new flooring, it was important for us to find a product that could surpass safety standards and look great at the same time."

The product we are using is called Life Floor, a padded, non-skid surface. "Life Floor combines award-winning safety with unparalleled design capabilities and is manufactured completely in the United States," says Kyle Seeman, Vice President of Life Floor. "Our team believes floors should be beautiful, comfortable, and engineered for safety, even when wet." 

Life Floor has an exclusive partnership with WhiteWater West, the market leader for all things water parks, to bring the great benefits of Life Floor to the water park and amusement park industry. Through WhiteWater, we added the benefits of Life Floor first to Shipwreck Shoals in 2019 and now expanding to Bonsai Beach and Camp Kidtastrophe this year. 

Life Floor is proud to be the first splash pad surface to be NSF50 certified. Following years of rigorous testing and research, NSF created NSF/ANSI 50 (Interactive Water Play Venue Surfacing Systems), concluding that for a surface to meet an appropriate standard for splash pad surfacing, it must fill six unique performance-based requirements. Life Floor tiles meet all six unique performance-based standards, including slip-resistance, impact absorption, chemical resistance, UV resistance, cleanability, and impermeability.

The combined area for this project is 14,000 square feet, and Kyle jokes that we proudly wear the crown for most Life Floor used at one facility in the state of New Jersey!   

Bonsai Beach intricate design features surfboards, sea shells, and a giant Morey's logo.

Ocean Oasis Water Park is known for its 30-foot palm trees, laid-back beachy vibes, and eclectic surfboard adornments. So, when it came to designing the flooring in our Bonsai Beach kiddie play area, it needed to have the same attention to detail. 

The 'water' tiles are light blue, resembling tropical waters, and as the water shallows along the edges, it turns different shades of tan, representing the sandy beaches that can be found just steps away from the water park. An array of fish, seashells, and surfboards add to the aesthetics, along with a giant Morey's Piers logo (perfect for those instagrammable moments aka #InstaMoments). 

At Raging Waters Camp Kidtastrophe, the design is more simplistic.  Dark blue tiles are used under the ginormous bucket, representing the deepest part of the pool (think of the deep blue sea) with teals and oranges corresponding with the girls' and boys' sides. Lighter blues are used as we move outward toward the shore with starfish, fishes, and creatures of the deep blue sea swimming around. 

With all the little bare feet traversing our kiddie play areas in the summer, it's satisfying to know that we invested in a product that looks and feels extraordinary, is textured for slip-resistance, and keeps safety top of mind.