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Materials Matter

June 30, 2021

Shopping at Morey's - We Got Your Back!

There’s no better way to savor your family vacation or summer in Wildwood than with a souvenir from one of our two iconic retail shops lying dead SMACK in the center of each pier. KONG & CO. and The Morey Store have you covered this summer with the best materials for your back. 

This summer, we’re excited to be featuring the brand Comfort Colors. Why? Because Comfort Colors offer everything you’re missing in your life, with a “worn in” feel and a plethora of vibrant colors to brighten those dreary winter days. 

We literally have your back, with what you’re putting on it. So, don’t hesitate to stop by this summer and fill a bag for the family. 

Why Comfort Colors?

The question is… why not?

Ditch the generic brands of shirts, and switch to a greater alternative leaving your standards for merchandise higher than ever. Once you feel the comfort, you’ll never turn back - and we would know because someone has to be the t-shirt tester around here

Comfort Colors also passes all the amusement park tests, from all the spinning and loop-da-looping on rides to the tugging and pulling that the kids like to do on your shirt as you strategically try to maneuver them through the park.

Eco-friendly pigment colors 

Comfort Colors is known for using eco-friendly pigment colors to dye their shirts. Using these eco-friendly pigments tends to use less water and energy than other dying processes, making it more environmentally friendly – and we love that!


So far, it seems to be our seafoam-green Comfort Color t-shirt that is dominating. Most likely because of the appeal to the color and the proven fact that green encourages a balance in your brain that leads to decisiveness. 

Did you know that green is proven to have numerous positive qualities that evoke powerful emotions? The color allows the mind to perceive growth, most likely because of its prominence in nature. And the negative attributes? Well, it just might have you buying a green shirt for every member of your family. 

Morey’s Piers is always looking to be more environmentally friendly, hence all the solar panels that are up around the piers.  

Excellent materials, great colors, and eco-friendly – what more could you ask for in a t-shirt? With our Comfort Colors collection ranging in colors, we are sure to have one to put on your back!