Students Turn Education into a Day at the Beach

May 11, 2012

From Wednesday, May 30 through Friday, June 1, local students in grades three through twelve will enjoy a day of hands-on learning and interactive participation utilizing the beach and Morey’s Piers amusements.

The 17th Annual Education Extravaganza allows students to learn how classroom theory is applied to real life situations. A comprehensive workbook leads students through a series of physics problems that are illustrated through the use of amusement rides. Through cooperative games, students learn the foundations of good decision making and peer leadership.

New for 2012, Education Extravaganza will offer an Ecology workshop led by the Wetlands Institute. Students will interact with several live animals that live in our seas and bays and learn how to protect our natural resources. A new performing arts and entertainment workshop will give students a peek behind the scenes at some of the industry’s best kept secrets including make-up and improvisation techniques and sound effects.

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