What’s New This Year At Morey’s Piers: Morey’s Piers Reveals Changes for 2012

April 6, 2012

Over the winter, many things have changed at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks.

Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters Waterparks will emerge from the dust, each with a new water attraction. The Lazy River at Raging Waters underwent a major overhaul. Now, as River Adventure, the attraction invites guests on an endless expedition into family fun with geysers, waterfalls, a grotto to explore, rock faces and more! At Ocean Oasis, go head to head with friends and family on Wipeout!, a six-lane racer slide that sends guests head first down the slopes to a wet and wild finish.

"We're really pleased with these two new attractions," said Jack Morey, Executive Vice President. "The River project beautifies Raging Waters and Wipeout! is a fantastic family attraction and interactive representation of our history."

Also new for 2012, the Giant Wheel will dazzle the night sky with brand new energy efficient LED lights! With infinite colors and hundreds of patterns, the Wildwood summer skyline will transform into a spectacular light show each night.

"We're thrilled that the center sun will once again be lit," said Will Morey, President and CEO. "The new lights are really going to make a difference in the night time boardwalk atmosphere."

The Sea Dragon has been replaced with a brand new model of the same ride. This version will be called Rip Tide and take on the appearance of a Wildwood lifeguard boat. Enjoy the same classic amusement ride in a new way for 2012!

Surfside Pier will see two new kiddie rides for 2012. Happy Feet seats 12 guests and swings them back and forth. Kang'A'Bounce seats up to 16 in kangaroo themed vehicles with over-the-shoulder harnesses.

Joe's Fish Co. and Jumbo's will serve locally grown produce in their dishes. All produce will be sourced from local New Jersey farms. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

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