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Morey's Gift Bag: PigDog Upgrades!

January 01, 2020

This post is part of a series on the five big gifts the elves at Morey’s Piers are busy building for our next season of guests, from new bike racks to comfier roller coaster vehicles. This way, if you stuff a loved one’s stocking with pier passes (discounted now as part of our Winter Holiday Sale!), you can feel confident you’re offering the best Morey’s experience yet. Who knows? It may even land you on Santa’s nice list…

This summer will mark the third season for our PigDog restaurant. What have we learned in this time? People really appreciate a mutt-friendly beach bar where breezes are cool, music is live and shoes are discouraged. So, we’ve decided to make the place even better for summer 2020. 

No worries -- the MOAB (or Mother of All Bloody Marys) isn’t going anywhere. And our super popular Trash Can nachos, served in an actual trash can, are staying put, too. So… what exactly IS changing?

“We’re looking forward to turning a beach bar into a full beach resort,” says second-generation partner Jack Morey.

First up: We’re partnering with Billy’s Beach Service to offer umbrella and chair rentals on the beach in front of PigDog. This way, after you’ve loaded up on barbeque brisket and tasty summer cocktails at our bar, you can take an equally delicious nap by the water’s edge… an attendant will set everything up for you.

We’re also adding two more cabanas to the seating options at PigDog. Made of reclaimed wood and large enough to comfortably fit a family of six, the cabanas will offer lounge chairs, solar-powered charging stations and table service. 

Rendering of the new PigDog Cabanas and Beach Rentals

And last but certainly not least, we’re building a PigDog vehicle that will make it “easier and more fun for people to access the bar,” Jack says. Made in the USA and customized by local artists, the car will offer the same whimsy as our Runaway Tram promo vehicle, but it will, naturally, be outfitted with a giant fiberglass pig. 

We can’t wait for you to see these upgrades and more in T-minus five months. Because, well, they’re kind of a… *pig* deal.

(Sorry, had to do it.).