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PigDog's Expansion!

June 03, 2022

It’s been too long! Since October, we haven’t made a blog post, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything new to share with you.

You may have seen or heard some things about construction at the back of Mariner’s Piers. The rumors are true; we’ve been working hard to expand our favorite Beach Bar. 

PigDog is a unique destination, and the response from our visitors has been exciting. Its following has undoubtedly grown within our community of loyal locals and guests in just a few short years. For this season, to make sure that growth has a place to sit, we’ve expanded the restaurant!  

Our goal was to enhance your experience and make PigDog more accessible to everyone and every weather condition. Our little paradise sits right on the beach and has little coverage from the elements. Some days our guests and staff might have dealt with a little (or a lot) of drizzle. While we would never let the rain ruin our parade, our Trash Can Nachos are best when dry.  

So, we’ve worked all winter to provide a dynamic dining structure with more tables on a raised deck under an overhead roof. This will allow us to operate even after a summer rain or an unexpected drizzle and provide a much more pleasant experience on those hot summer days.

But wait, there’s more! We aren’t giving out all our secrets yet; keep your eyes peeled on our social to be in the know of our new additions at PigDog. 

With all these changes, you must be thinking, Is PigDog still dog-friendly? The answer is ABSOLUTELY. So, mom and dad, brothers, sisters, and even Fido can summer with us at your favorite beach at Wildwood’s only Beach Bar. 

We can’t wait to see you under our new roof.